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Learning Krav Maga self-defense goes far beyond performing various techniques. You must understand why we execute techniques the way we do, when to use them, and the general principles involved. 

Here are 20 plus questions you should be able to answer by the time you take your test.  We won’t ask you all of them…or will we? Hmm…

  1. Why do we have three positions/stances (unprepared, prepared, fighting)? Distinguish inside position from an outside position.  
  2. Why are rotation and recoil so important for punches, palm strikes, hammer strikes, elbows, etc…?
  3. When punching, what part of the fist are you striking with? What is the angle of the fist?
  4. How many elbow strikes are there? How many hammer strikes? Demonstrate.
  5. Match the strike with the distance 1) elbow 2)regular kick 3)straight punch 4)forearm strike to a)long, b)short, c)medium.
  6. What is a 200% defense? Discuss.
  7. Inside Defense. Outside Defense. Define. Why do we have these options? 
  8. Inside Defense from ready position and counter. What is the angle of deflection? 
  9. What is a 360 defense? Why “360”? Identify the checkpoints. 
  10. Link all B1 techniques with a real-life situation.
  11. Release from Side Headlock. Describe and demonstrate the defenses according to “timeline”. 
  12. Preventing chokes. How do the attacker’s distance, hand position, and perceived aggression impact how you prevent?
  13. What is an “educational stop”? For civilians do we step forward or backward? 
  14. What is a plucking release (chokes)? Why do we use it?
  15. Why do we “scan”?
  16. Getting up from the ground. What are the three options for B1? Identify a real-life situation for each technique.
  17. What part of the foot is striking when performing a sidekick?
  18. What is bridging? Why is bridging so important for ground techniques?
  19. Soft break falls to the wall. Hard break falls to the wall. Describe the differences. Demonstrate.   
  20. Identify 4 examples of shield-like objects we can use to defend ourselves. 
  21. Why do we introduce the “zombie game” in level one? What is the game preparing you for? 


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