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Everyone loves a sequel! Godfather Part II, Jaws 2, Grease 2, The Empire Strikes Back, Rocky II, Terminator 2, Hot Shots Part Deux, Sharknado 2, etc… A good sequel can build upon the first or (oops Grease 2) utterly slip up and destroy any chance for a third installment.

This is a sequel to our 20 plus Questions for Basic Level 1 and we hope to begin production on 20 Plus Questions for Basic Level 3. Fingers crossed.

Grab your B2 curriculum, some popcorn, and enjoy.

Identify the checkpoints for hooks and uppercuts. 

Perform a combination including each of these strikes (hooks and uppercuts).

Identify at least one common mistake when performing an uppercut. 

When punching in movement why do we punch then move the feet?

When would we use a stomp kick? Give an example.

What are the checkpoints for the defensive front kick? 

When (and why) would you use a defensive front kick?

What two parts of our leg do we strike with when performing roundhouse kicks. What is the difference between the two options?

Describe the checkpoints for defense against a hook punch.

Perform two variations of defense vs horizontal elbow.

What is a reflexive defense?

What stance are we in when performing reflexive defense? Why?

Perform options for left defense vs left punch when 1)you can go to your left and 2)when you can’t (e.g. nowhere to go, or you have to go to your right).

Discuss checkpoints for defense vs uppercut and upward elbow. Hand position, body defense, counter, finish.

Discuss direction and distance regarding leg defenses heel inside, heel outside. Contrast with shin defense against the straight kick. 

Describe your leg position when defending a low roundhouse kick. Is this a deflection or block?

Describe some differences between medium and short-range knife threats.

List checkpoints for headlocks from behind. 

Why would we perform a hard break fall instead of a soft break fall?

Describe checkpoints for the backward break fall? Position of head and hands etc…

Why would we perform a front roll instead of a break fall?

List four Level 2 techniques where pivoting is essential. 

Identify four common/every day “stick-like objects” you can use to protect yourself.


The end. Or is it?


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