Posted by on September 11, 2019

The majority of our students participate in group classes. There is, however, a growing number who are opting for private sessions (1-on-1) or semi-private sessions. (2 or more people).

Why? There are many reasons but here are 5 of the most cited benefits of private/semi-private training.

  1. Flexible Scheduling. Perhaps your schedule does not allow you to commit to ongoing group classes. Private training allows for more flexible scheduling. 
  2. Meeting Your Specific Goals: Individually, or as a group, you might have a specific set of goals you want to achieve. Privates/semi-privates are designed to identify and meet these goals. 
  3. Focused Attention: You have the full attention of the instructor so you can work together to focus on what you need to become more proficient.
  4. Reinforces Group Training: Some students want to delve more into what they learned during group classes. We have students, for example, who want to work through a technique or exercise they find especially challenging.  
  5. Fun with family/friends/co-workers: Self-defense as a bonding experience? You betcha. What brings people closer than defending their punches or escaping their clutches? People who associate outside of training also have the opportunity to practice outside of the studio – further reinforcing what they learn. 

People have different lifestyles and learning styles. Private and semi-private training offers you another way to meet your training needs.


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