Posted by on August 9, 2019

Women’s Only Self Defense is one of the fastest-growing Krav Maga classes. This is not surprising since violence against women remains a pervasive problem in Toronto, Canada, and the world at large. Along with education, legal reform, and other efforts, learning self-defense offers another means to combat this ugly reality.

Here are 5 main reasons we teach women’s self-defense.

  1. Violence against women remains a very serious and widespread problem – locally and globally. Women are targeted more often than men.  
  2. Assaults against women are a specific problem that requires the focused approach of a specialized class.  
  3. Some women prefer to learn in a women-only environment. 
  4. Women-only classes can be a nice introduction to self-defense and lead to participation in mixed gender groups.  
  5. A comprehensive self-defense program that develops awareness, confidence and effective techniques can help women avoid, prevent, escape, and survive assaults.   

At some point, we suggest, it is beneficial to train with men – at least periodically – to adapt to the generally larger size and to develop more confidence.   This is not something we push but something we encourage – when you are ready.


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