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As a student, you want maximum benefits from your self-defense training. Like many people you want a sense of progress, and, of course, the confidence that you could protect yourself when it counts.

Krav Maga is an easy-to-learn system but training can be challenging as you might have a busy life and some techniques are more difficult to learn than others.

Here are 5 way to get more from your self-defense training:

  1. Ask Questions. Understanding the what, why, how of techniques and tactics is key to becoming more proficient. Ask questions before, during, and after class. Also, email and call as questions come up. (p.s. If a self- defense situation comes to you in a dream please wait until morning to call).
  2. Consider out of class learning tools. There are decent DVDs (maybe some videocassettes?), books, Youtube videos, etc… that can reinforce your learning. Ask your instructor to point you in the right direction.
  3. Focus on fundamentals. If time allows, blend in basic self-defense movements into your workout routines. Punches, kicks, elbows, choke releases…… You might receive strange looks from fellow gym goers or other bystanders (I certainly do) but you will progress.
  4. Visualize. Imagine various situations throughout the day. What would happen if….? Try to imagine the solutions. Ask your instructor if you can explore these situations during class.
  5. Offer suggestions. Self-defense instructors are there to improve your self-defense skills. Feel free to offer suggestions for improving your training. A dedicated school will encourage your input and accommodate (within reason of course).

Remember the school and its instructors are there to give you the skills to defend yourself. Make suggestions, offer ideas, and ask for help.


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