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Versatile. Capable of adapting.

Assaults can happen in innumerable ways, places and times. To protect ourselves we need to be able to adapt, to be versatile.

Here are 6 ways to become a more versatile defender. 

  1. Train In Different Settings: It is unlikely that you will be attacked in a dojo, studio, or wherever you train. Practice outside, on stairs, on various surfaces (cement, grass, gravel, snow, sand), in small spaces, large spaces…….  
  2. Practice Defending from Various Directions: In reality, there is the likelihood that your attacker won’t approach from directly in front of you. Learn to defend from all angles. 
  3. Standing, Sitting, Walking, Running, on the Ground…… Over an average day, you stand, sit, and walk. Some people run – for fitness, or after the bus, they are trying to catch. During assaults, we might get knocked, pushed, or pulled to the ground. 
  4. Carrying Items: Often we walk with coffee, water, mobile devices, backpacks, briefcases….. Use props to mimic these situations(please don’t throw hot coffee into the face of your training partner – ouch!). 
  5. Clothing: From time to time practice in the clothes you wear every day. Can you kick in jeans? How is your punching while you are wearing a heavy jacket. Running in heels?…..I have never tried but it looks difficult!
  6. Learn about real-life assaults. It is an unpleasant topic but it will give you some insight into how assailants behave. 

Consider the innumerable ways assaults take place and strive to mimic these situations and survive them.

Learn to adapt. Be versatile.  

Image by 金召 步 from Pixabay


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