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Self defense classes devote many hours teaching you to strike, deflect, block, escape…  Such exercises help you to understand how to use your body to protect yourself.  Training also develops your mental skills – identifying and assessing danger, adapting to various situations……

One aspect of self defense tool that is often overlooked is your voice.

Teachers, coaches, presenters, actors and other professionals know that effective use of voice to is essential to reaching their audience.

Voice can also be an important tool to reach another audience – the assailant(s).  Here are 6 ways to use your voice to protect yourself.

  1. Back Off!  Tell a person directly and firmly that their actions are not welcome.
  2. Help!  Using your voice to call for help.  Be prepared. Help might not be come so you might have to defend yourself – physically.
  3. Alarm Bells.  Attackers usually don’t want to draw attention themselves.  Too bad. Yell!
  4. Calming.  Use a steady voice to calm someone (after you mistakenly cut in front of them in a Starbucks lineup, or are the focus of their road rage).
  5. Alerting Help.  If you sense danger or suspicious behaviour alert someone – a police officer, transit employee, security guard….
  6. Inflicting Pain.  In close range (e.g. a bear hug) a scream can be painful for the attacker.  Scream into his ear!

Of course, some very determined attackers won’t be deterred by voice alone. This is where your other skills are needed.   Using your voice, however, can be an effective tool to send a strong message to stay away, calmly resolve a conflict, or attract help. 

These vocal techniques won’t necessarily come naturally so they should be included in your training.


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