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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Benjamin Franklin. 

One of the points we emphasize at our self-defense school is that we hope you never get involved in a physical confrontation. Avoidance, as Rory Miller writes, is the best self-defense. 

Too many things can go wrong. Yes, a person proficient in Krav Maga, an experienced fighter, or a skilled martial artist, has a better chance of surviving an assault. The operative, word, however, is “chance”.

An assailant swinging a broken bottle might catch an “expert” off guard. Fighting two or more attackers looks great in the movies but is extremely dangerous, even for the world’s best. In real life, don’t count on attackers to engage in sequence (e.g alphabetically by last name, gang seniority, date of birth….). They come at the same time. Have you met someone who can deflect/block three punches and kicks at the same time? 

There are times when we have to defend ourselves but if you can avoid engaging please do so. 

Here are 5 tips to stay safe. 

  1. Avoid Dangerous Areas: Nighttime shortcuts through parks, alleys… Clubs with a reputation for violence. Places where groups or gangs “hang”… 
  2. Walk Away: Some people will try to entice you into a fight. They might verbally insult you or the people you are with, “flip you the bird”… Don’t be lured in.
  3. Right vs Fight: You might be appalled that a biker threw a beer bottle into the ditch. Yes, morality is on your side but do you want to chase down Vic the Viper and chastise him for his ecological carelessness? Mail an anonymous copy of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring to the clubhouse instead. 
  4. Anger leads to the Dark Side: Worse, anger can lead to the back of police cruiser, the courthouse, the afterlife… Road rage, verbal assaults…… avoid them.  
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Run/Escape: If you can flee the scene please do so. I, personally, have no problem running from two bored teenagers who want to challenge a self-defense instructor. I just hope they are not on the track and field team. 

Avoidance is a great form of prevention. Don’t put yourself in danger. Get home safe.

Image by Pech Frantisek from Pixabay 


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