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The Kravolution curriculum includes 11 levels. Basic 1-5, Advanced 1-5, and Expert 1. This series of blogs will offer an overview of each level.

We begin, of course, with Basic 1 (B1). B1 can be divided into categories. and offers a series of foundational techniques. Here is an overview.

STANCES.  Assaults happen when people are in various states of readiness ranging from oblivious to fighting mode. These stances cover the various standing positions. Not ready (hands down), ready but not physically engaged (hands up but not in fighting position), and fighting stance.

STRIKES. Striking involves delivering a blow or blows (e.g. kick, punch) to protect yourself. B1 introduces some of these basic strikes and teaches what strikes to use according to distance, direction, height, angle etc… Students also learn vulnerable areas of the body to strike.

Upper Body Strikes: How to strike with hands (palms, fists), forearms, and elbows in various directions, angles, and distances.

Lower Body Strikes. Using knees and kicks to protect yourself.

Striking Combinations All Directions (fluidity and logic): This allows you to demonstrate that you know how and when to use B1 strikes “in combination” to protect yourself.  


360 Knife Defence: Here we are looking at close range circular attacks-ice pick stab, upward stab, learning to block, strike, and get to safety.

Punch Defense: This introduces the inside defense (contrast with 360 outside defense) against straight punch by deflecting the incoming strike, countering and getting to safety.  

PREVENTING AND ESCAPING CHOKES: This begins with prevention using kicks (long distance) or strikes and deflections (medium distance).  Next, when we fail to prevent, we must escape chokes from the front, diagonal, side, and back. Pluck, strike, escape! 

DEFENDING ON THE GROUND: 3 ways of getting up according to distance- offensive (close), defensive (medium to far), sprint (far or very far.)  Also, escaping a side choke on the ground and a choke from mounted position (assailant is on top of you).

USING COMMON OBJECTS: Krav Maga involves learning how to use everyday objects to protect yourself.  For B1, shield-like objects (chair, backpack, etc…).

BREAKFALLS:  B1 introduces front break falls against a wall – usually someone pushing you into a wall or other solid surface.   The principles here offer a foundation for break falls and rolls on the ground – e.g. protecting the head etc…

MULTIPLE ATTACKERS:   The B1 test ends with the “zombie game” where numerous people, with hands extended (hence zombie), approach one defender who needs to stay to the outside.  Never go in the middle! 

Level 2 (Basic 2) continues with learning and defending against more strikes, escaping more holds, surviving knife threats and much more. The learning continues!


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