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There are many self-defense schools out there and finding one that meets your needs can be a challenging process.   

Here are 7 ways to find the right self-defense school for you. 

1.    Ask Questions. Don’t forget we are here to serve you. Ask questions to better understand what is being offered. 

2.     Try some free classes. A phone conversation or email exchange can be informative but the best way to understand is to try a free class 

3.     Talk to other students. Students are quite receptive to talking about their experiences. 

4.     Ask for testimonials. Are students raving about the classes? If so, why?

5.     Be honest. A decent instructor will address your questions and concerns. Be honest about your needs.

6.     Don’t Buy the hard sell. The school should be addressing your needs rather than bombarding you with price lists, deals, and extravagant promises. Take your time and make an informed choice. Don’t even bring your debit or credit cards to the first meeting. 

7.     Shop Around. Try various schools to get a sense of the different offerings and pick the best one for you. 

Don’t rush into anything. Be clear about your needs and goals and what the school offers. Make an informed choice. 

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


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