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Businesses are diversifying their wellness programs, offering activities and services such as; yoga, mindfulness, Zumba, massage, team sports, counseling, etc…

Not surprisingly, there is a growing demand for self-defense training. People want the security that comes with understanding how assaults take place and, how to avoid, escape, and defend.

Here are some of the issues that businesses have brought to our attention:
• safe travel to and from work
• parking lot safety – particularly underground parking
• women’s self-defense
• safe international travel
• unarmed and armed theft and assault
• hotel safety

Step One: Through general discussion or a brief survey, ask employees and management what self-defense/safety issues matter to them.

Step Two: Contact a self-defense service provider to see if and how their training addresses your specific concerns.

Step Three: Ask them about their training credentials and experience. Are they part of a larger organization? What is their certification? What kind of corporate training have they already done?

Step Four: Get a general sense of the number of participants (this allows the self-defense instructor to better plan), set a date, time, location (could be at your office or their studio) and you are set to go!

The best sessions are interactive so don’t hesitate to ask questions along the way.

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