Posted by on November 28, 2018

One of the more frequently asked questions Krav Maga students ask is:  “How do I protect myselfagainst someone bigger and stronger than me?” In real life, after all, assailants often chose victims smaller to better intimidate and physically overwhelm. 

There is no denying that physical strength is an advantage, as is, in many cases, size.  So how do you defend against someone larger and/or stronger?  Here are some tips:

Strike Vulnerable Areas: A strike to the eyes, throat, nose, groin, shin, etc…  goes a long way toward protecting yourself.  These vulnerable areas cannot be strengthened by working out. (“Today at the gym, I worked back, arms, and eyes.”  “Wait. You what?!”). 

Be Aggressive.  Fight Dirty!  Once the attacker physically engages, there is no “civilized” way to protect yourself.  Eye gouges, biting, scratching, kicking the groin, whatever it takes!  Again, we advocate avoidance and escape but when a determined attacker physically engages you have to fight!

Use Common Objects (if available).  A cup of coffee, a thermos, your backpack, a chair….  Using objects in an effective way can disable an attacker and give you an means to escape. 

Escape as Soon As Possible. We advocate this in virtually all scenarios but want to emphasize it here as well.  You might be skilled but even the most skilled make mistakes.  Get away! 

During training try working with someone who has a size and/or strength advantage.  It will help you refine your techniques (e.g. bridging – getting someone off you on the ground), and build your confidence.    


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