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When you see a high-level instructor Krav Maga instructor like Megan Berkman, Jean-Paul Jauffret or Tom Oliati perform a striking combination you might say… What just happened!? Then, when you try to emulate the combination it doesn’t quite look the same. It is not even close! Don’t worry you are not alone.

The key is to break up the combinations into steps and to build, one strike at a time.

Let’s take an example.

Jab, cross, hook, straight knee. Whoa!

Here we have a four-strike combination. To avoid being overwhelmed and to focus on refined technique it is best to begin simple – step by step or strike by strike. Let’s look at an example.

Step One: Jab, cross. Focus here on rotation, recoil, rhythm and many reps.

Step Two. Jab, cross, hook. You added a hook. Maintain good technique on the jab and cross and add the hook, making sure you pivot and recoil. Breathe and focus on making each strike precise. Did I mention breathe?

Step Three. When we add the knee strike here you must be mindful that the first three strikes are well-executed (e.g. don’t forget to pivot with your hook). Don’t drop your hands! Recoil the knee.

There are innumerable striking combinations. To become proficient you need to be patient, practice consistently, perform many repetitions, engage in stress training, and have the guidance of someone who can point out technical flaws. This “combination” (sorry couldn’t resist) of factors will allow you to strike more effectively.

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