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Principle. a fundamental truth or law as the basis of reasoning or action

Adapt. to fit, adjust, alter, or modify, to become adjusted for new conditions…

Our Krav Maga program offers a curriculum comprised of techniques designed to help you survive various self-defense situations. Through practice, students can become very adept at performing these techniques.

But what if something happens that you don’t expect or you have never seen? In other words, something you have not experienced in training.

You have practiced, for instance, a wrist release and can escape with relative ease. What happens, if, as you are performing your technique the attacker tries to slap or punch you in the face? Perhaps he reaches in his pocket for something – a knife?

If you simply continue the wrist release technique as you practiced you will be hit, stabbed, or dragged into a more isolated place (alley, vehicle). You cannot develop a rigid mindset, or as some say, “be married to the technique.” Assaults are dynamic and unpredictable so memorizing a sequence of moves simply does not address reality.

This is one of the reasons we teach according to “principles” rather than memorizing a set of moves. Principles such as deal with the most imminent problem, striking the closest vulnerable point, etc. These allow you to adapt rather than to freeze when the unexpected happens.

Learn according to principles. Learn to adapt. Like a chameleon.

In future blogs we take a closer look some of the principles.

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