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One of the topics we devote a lot of time to is striking at various distances, directions and angles. Assaults can come from anywhere, so we need to develop a versatile striking arsenal.  

Elbow strikes are for close range.  By contrast, straight punches are medium distance and kicks are for long-distance. Level 1 of the T3 curriculum includes seven elbow strikes. Three horizontal and four vertical elbow strikes. 

In future blogs, we will address each one.     

Now, we will focus on the horizontal inward elbow strike. Say that four times fast!  

This is a forward strike and has many applications.  

Imagine, for example, defending against a two-handed shirt grab. The attacker slams you against a wall, his elbows down and close together. You have brought your hands up in a natural gesture of self-protection. He is at a close distance. His head is exposed so you hit him in the temple or jaw, with the tip of your elbow, striking through and recoiling.  

Let’s take a closer look at the technique. 

  • If you are striking with your right elbow, bending the right arm in a tight “V”. 
  • You are usually striking the side of the attacker’s head/face. 
  • Your non-striking arm (in this case your left) should be vertical, hands up protecting your face and ribs. 
  • For maximum power, you are rotating your shoulder, back, hips and pivoting on your right foot. 
  • You are striking on a horizontal plane, making contact just below the tip of the elbow. (this concentrates your strike on a small surface). 
  • Keep your hands open. A tight fist only impedes the striking speed.  
  • Strikethrough the target and recoil. 

In our example of the shirt grab the attacker might let go or you might have to continue striking, adapting to the situation. Many things can happen so in classes, we explore many options.  

Better to be versatile and adapt.

Next up? The horizontal sideways elbow. Stay tuned.


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