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When people describe Krav Maga they often emphasize the physical aspect of training: striking, defending, escaping grabs etc… Often overlooked is the mental aspect of Krav Maga training, particularly decision-making. This is a vast topic so this article will focus on some of the general goals of mental training in Krav Maga.

Here are three:

Developing the ability to identify dangers. What is the problem? This involves developing the ability to identify dangers – potential and imminent. Here, the senses come into play. Seeing a threatening gesture, someone concealing something in their hand, a weapon, aggressive body language… Hearing a sudden movement behind you, or someone yelling to “watch out.” Feeling a grab, hold, or grope. There are innumerable examples! Through training, you learn to identify and prioritize the problems. For example, someone grabs your shirt and punches. The grab is a problem but the punch is the priority.

Improving Decision-making (speed and quality). What do I do? Here, we are looking at what to do (action) when you perceive danger. Do you run, kick,deflect, block, pluck, knee, elbow…? There are many choices andimproving your decision-making will lead to more effective actions.

Performing Under Stress. How do I Act Effectively? Once your decision is made you have to perform – strike, block, deflect etc… – in an effective and decisive way. Under stress it is important to punch with impact, speed, and precision, or to pluck to release a choke with precise technique.

Self-defense is about developing and refining our mental as well as physical abilities. In future blogs we will address aspects of mental training in more detail.

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