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“So one may walk in peace.” Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga

Perceptions not grounded in experience or sound reasoning can be very misplaced. This certainly applies to how some people perceive Krav Maga training. Some of our students have described how family or friends are puzzled as to why they want to “learn to hurt” or even “kill” people. Others have suggested that training promotes or encourages violence. The general protest revolves around the assumption that Krav Maga is promoting aggression and violence. 

To be fair, many Krav Maga schools have not helped their cause. Many of the images on YouTube, Facebook, and other mediums include people grinning with knives, guns or other weapons. Other schools promote a “fight club” mentality. Before coming to us, a student visited another self-defense school asking what they can expect.

“Blood, sweat, and tears!” The instructor said.

What does that mean?    

Rather than a fight club mentality, we prefer to focus on one thing – giving you the knowledge and skills to get home safe. Yes, there will be sweat (we’ll skip the blood and tears) and hard work. Yes, you learn how to strike effectively and to fight aggressively without rules but only when necessary and only to protect yourself and others. 

There is nothing romantic about violence and promoting it as such is irresponsible and misguided. Violence, however, does exist and we want you to survive it. Krav Maga training has one overarching goal, at least as I see it – to get you home safe. 

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