Posted by on January 7, 2019

Essence. fundamental nature or inherent characteristic

Safe. free of danger or injury

When people talk about Krav Maga they often talk about striking, no rules, weapon defences , fitness benefits, street survival. All of these are important aspects of Krav Maga self defence training. However, if someone asked me to describe the essence of Krav Maga in one word I would say “safety”.

Krav Maga is similar to the safety measures we adopt during our daily lives. We follow traffic rules (kinda) when we drive. We encourage our loved ones to be careful when walking or biking. We turn off appliances, close or lock windows or doors. At schools, workplaces, and some homes, we practice fire drills. We clear snow and ice from our walkways to prevent falls. 

There are innumerable examples where we take measures to be safe. Krav Maga is part of this. Of course, it is a particular aspect of safety – preventing and protecting against physical assaults. Avoiding danger, escaping danger, and protecting yourself if necessary. Essentially it’s about being safe.


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