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Why did you begin your Krav Maga business?  This is a frequent question people ask us and the answer does involve a history of meetings (chance and arranged), decisions and important people.  In essence, however, there is a vision. 

Every business begins with a vision.  Initially, it might be vague, an impulse, but there is a sense of “what can be” and what you can do to make it real.  These visions vary from improving lives through technology to providing a unique restaurant experience.  Our vision inspires how we teach self defense:

We stand for for every one’s inherent right to live in safety.  We aspire to keep our families and communities safer by helping men, women, and children (regardless of age and physical strength) learn practical life-saving self-defense.

Concise and straightforward, much like Krav Maga itself.  Our vision doesn’t require much elaboration but it is worthwhile to highlight some points.

First, we want you to be safe.  Of course, there are professionals (police, security guards), and family or friends who can protect us but we would like you to have the skills and knowledge to protect yourself.  The first step is developing awareness.  We help you to recognize threats and to make safe choices.  Avoiding confrontation is the best self defense.

Secondly,  you might be physically fit or unfit, young or old, coordinated or not….  It doesn’t matter.  Again, we believe you have an inherent right to be safe – regardless, for example, of your physical abilities.  Krav Maga is a simple system, based on the body’s natural reflexes.  You don’t need to be “athletic” to learn. We will patiently work with you to improve your technical proficiency.

Lastly, we offer a trustful training environment promoting a safety-first atmosphere.  You are trusting us to train you and we want you to experience this in a place of mutual respect, integrity, and camaraderie.

As we grow, it is this vision that keeps us grounded and focused on why we are here.


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