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Over the past years, we have seen a significant number of realtors being assaulted. These assaults range from theft, sexual assault, and murder. Various reports suggest such incidents are rising sharply. 

Some examples.

· Calgary police charged a man in connection to the sexual assault of a woman during an open house on June 22. The victim told police she had multiple interactions with a man who came to the open house and was then sexually assaulted

· In 2008, a 24-year-old real estate agent, Lindsay Buziak was brutally murdered with stab wounds to the chest and head while showing a luxury home just outside of Victoria, B.C. to a couple. 

· September 2019, in Encino, California real estate agent was attacked and allegedly sexually assaulted by a man during an open house. She suffered back pain and severe skin abrasions. 

Why do assailants target Realtors?

Unless they are accompanied by an inspector or the seller of the home, real estate agents often work alone and meet with strangers, sometimes in isolated locations. Not surprisingly, women are more frequent targets. “It’s easy. said Jeff Buziak, father of Linsday Buziak. It’s just the easiest thing in the world. It’s an empty property. It’s a female on her own.” 

The motives vary. Sometimes the perpetrator is focused on theft, taking jewelry, money, and other valuables. Like other workplace incidents, the attacker might know the agent – an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband for instance. 

“You need to know”, Buziak says, “how to take care of yourself and manage a situation.”

In future blogs, we will explore some ways realtors can protect themselves. 

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