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This year the NBA’s Toronto Raptors went on an incredible playoff run culminating with them winning the NBA Championship. For the duration of the playoffs, fans gathered in Jurassic Park, an area outside of the Air Canada Centre in downtown Toronto to watch the game on a big screen. During the home games, of course, there were additional fans watching the game live inside the center.

For the most part, people are simply there to have fun, root for their favourite team and enjoy the company of other fans. There are times, however, when some people engage in unruly behaviour. Mix in some high emotion, alcohol and/or drugs and things can get out of hand. On May 25, for example, a group of young men was arrested for jumping on a police car.

Most people, we are happy to say, are much brighter and civil than these dimwitted exceptions.

Here are some general tips for being safe in crowds.

• Fully charge your cell phone before an event
• Make sure you know where all exits are, especially those closest to you.
• Pay attention to the energy of the crowd and calmly leave the vicinity of the crowd seems to be getting out of control.
• Minimize loose clothing or accessories that could become tangled or pulled.
• Wear closed-toe shoes and keep the laces tied to prevent tripping.
• Carry important items (e.g. wallet, cell phone) in your front pockets.
• Identify a meeting spot in case you are separated from your family, friends, co-workers

Happily, there were relatively few incidents during the Toronto Raptors playoff run.

p.s. Congratulations Toronto Raptors!!


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