Posted by on June 11, 2019

“The critical element is to overcome the shock and surprise so that you can act, to “beat the freeze.” The ideal is to prevent the situation.”
-Rory Miller, Meditations on Violence

At the end of our classes, we engage in what we call stress training. This involves reviewing the techniques covered in class (and often learned in previous classes) under the stress of surprise – not knowing what your partner will do – and often fatigue. Assaults, by their very nature, are quite unpredictable and the effects of assault can mimic fatigue – heavy breathing, weaker limbs, tunnel vision.

The process might be daunting but we bring students along gradually according to experience and fitness level. The idea is to improve a little from whatever level you are at. Over time, you reach a level where your defenses are automatic.

Of course, there are always new challenges to explore. There is always more to learn.


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