Posted by on October 21, 2018

Weapon assaults involve a wide variety of weapons including guns, sharp objects, and blunt objects.  The latter two – sharp and blunt – are easy to come by. Sharp objects can be knives, bottles that can be broken,…  The same is true for blunt objects such as pipes, crowbars, baseball bats, hammers, pipes. Most people own some or all of these objects.  An assailant armed with such weapons is extremely dangerous. The effects of such attacks range from head injuries, broken bones, and of course, death.

Future blogs will go into more detail about this topic.   In the meantime, here is an overview of  5 things you should know about blunt force weapons.

1. The most dangerous part of the object is the close end.  It is the fastest – basic physics.

2. Escape if you can.  Even if you are well trained you risk very serious injury(or worse).

3. Get Close.  If you can’t escape you have to get close to the assailant. (see no.1)

4. Range. A baseball bat, for instance, affords the assailant the advantage of distance. (again, see no. 1)

5. Don’t Wait.  As soon as you perceive the attack you have to move – fast!  You are running away or moving in. Standing still is not a viable option.


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