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In our curriculum, we begin with medium-range straight strikes (palm-heel strikes and straight punches).  In Level two we move on to circular strikes – hook punches and uppercuts.

In this blog, we will focus on the hook punch. This punch is usually aimed at the aggressor’s jaw but can be lower to his ribs or stomach. It is often used to go around the attacker’s guard.

We recommend you begin slowly. Like any punch you should be mindful of the alignment of hand, wrist and forearm, to avoid injury. Begin with slow speeds and low impact then gradually speed up.

In general, the hook punch travels in a horizontal plane with the pinky facing down and thumb facing up. Here are more details.

  • The hand moves first, then the arm, shoulder, etc…
  • Rotate the shoulder, back and hips for more power.
  • Keep a 90 bend in the striking arm.
  • Pivot the foot on the same side as the striking hand.
  • Strike with the top two knuckles, pinky facing the ground.
  • Lock elbow and don’t bend on impact
  • Strikethrough the target.
  • Recoil back to protect your face and ribs.

A hook punch is very challenging  and requires careful practise but is a very useful and effective strike


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