Posted by on October 16, 2019

“Being good at whatever we want to do-playing the violin, running a race, painting a picture, leading a group of people- is among the deepest sources of fulfillment we will even know. Geoff Colvin

As a Krav Maga instructor (and student) one of the things that most impressed me is how people of various levels, from beginners to experts, strive to get better.

It is truly impressive. Equally impressive is how people inspire and help others improve.

We have students who train four or more hours a week. They are equally happy to work on their fundamental skills (striking and footwork) and to explore new techniques. They also ask questions and are receptive to feedback, knowing that it will improve their skills and understanding.

Instructors perpetually explore better ways to help students improve. Jean-Paul Jauffret and Megan Berkman, for instance, are often traveling to help instructors to improve their skills and to offer better instruction to students.

Recent Kravolution programs grow out of this impulse to improve. Megan’s Kravit (a women’s only program), Jean-Paul’s Opfit (Operational Fitness), and his collaboration Tom Oliati to develop a Combat Program to help instructors better teach their students how to develop their fighting skills.

To see this commitment to improving from the beginner student to globally renowned instructors is inspiring and motivating. It is a culture of improvement I am certainly happy to be part of.


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