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A vital aspect of self-defense training is understanding how assailants actually attack in real life. Without this knowledge, you are preparing for assaults that happen only in the safety of your studio/dojo.

One of the things you learn during our Krav Maga classes is that real life attacks are quite different than those you come across in many martial arts classes and what you see in movies and television.

Here are 6 things you should know about real life attackers:

  1. They often approach you when you are distracted – cell phone, iPod… These days this is most of the time. Don’t expect an assailant to announce himself or his intentions. The surprise is his ally.
  2. They approach from different directions. Yes, they might approach you from the front but don’t count on it.
  3. Attacks are brutal and intense. Don’t expect him to follow rules or to withdraw after a verbal scolding or one punch.
  4. Tenacity. Some attackers are very tough and very determined. You will have to match and exceed this if you want to survive. If you can’t escape you might have to fight harder than you imagined possible.
  5. Multiple Attackers Don’t Wait Their Turn. In movies, an actor like Jason Statham can fight one person and count on the others to wait their turn. Not so in real life.
  6. They don’t punch like Ralph Macchio aka the original Karate Kid. Fighting stance, elbows cocked back, fists straight ahead on arms that move like pistons in a predictable 1, 2 cadence. Nope. Real attacks are chaotic, unpredictable, and intense.

You need to understand these realities and prepare accordingly. Otherwise, you are engaging in choreography rather practical and reality-based self-defense.


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