Posted by on July 24, 2020

In Level Two of our curriculum, we introduce two new medium-range strikes, the hook punch and the uppercut. 

In a recent blog, we outlined the former. 

Now we are going to focus on the uppercut.  

Like, hooks, uppercuts are circular punches. They are both medium to short-range tools. Also, both require a lot of practice to perform effectively. The hook punch strikes from the side of the target, the uppercut attack from below. 

Some checkpoints.  

  • Drop your weight (not your hands)
  • Bring your shoulders and elbows in.
  • Keep your elbows into your body for protection.
  • Drive-up with your legs.  
  • Strikethrough the target (usually the chin or jaw).
  • The angle of your striking arm is more than 90 degrees.

In my opinion, the uppercut is one of the most challenging strikes to perform. Remember to keep the striking hand level with your face and your elbows into your body. When practicing, begin slowly, especially when you are striking pads.  

With patience, repetitions, and instructor feedback, you will add a valuable strike to your striking toolbox.  


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