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Since our Krav Maga self-defense classes focus on everyday situations we always consider the various settings we find ourselves in.  This includes identifying common objects you can use to defend yourself. 

Whether you are in Toronto or anywhere else in the world these 5 common objects can be used to thwart an assault. 

  1. Coins: Throw them to distract. You won’t necessarily hurt the assailant but you might buy some time to escape. Other objects can include salt and pepper shakers, a pack of gum…anything.
  2. Coffee and other liquids: Hot liquid will certainly hurt. Cool or lukewarm will distract.  We are not thinking Dorothy vs Wicked Witch bucket size but usually something in a cup or bottle.
  3. Cup, water bottle, or thermos: With a growing movement against using plastic, more people are carrying reusable containers. A stainless steel thermos can be especially effective. Ask your instructor for tips on using such items to protect yourself.
  4. Chairs/Small Tables: These can be used to shield yourself, creating space between you and the attacker. Larger tables can serve as obstacles to maintain distance from an attacker.
  5. Briefcase, backpack: Also shields.  Level One of our curriculum teaches you how to use these objects to defend against punches and knife attacks.

There are numerous examples. Sometimes, if you are bored (e.g. standing in line somewhere) look around and try to identify objects you could use to protect yourself. It ain’t Candy Crush but it develops your awareness.

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay


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