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Reflex. an action independent of the will, an automatic response….

Let’s face it. As much as we want to be aware of our surroundings, we are not always ready. We might be daydreaming, preoccupied with work or personal matters, or fixated on our portable screens. Even if you are relatively aware, assailants can be cunning and can catch you by surprise

When we are surprised our reflexes take over. We put our hands up, swat at incoming objects (e.g. fists) and protect vital areas… These reactions won’t be as sophisticated or precise as when we are ready (e.g. with our hands up or in a “fighting stance”) but they can save us.

Realizing that we are not always ready, Krav Maga includes many techniques based on reflex defenses. The starting point for these is our “passive positions”, hands-on our sides, on our phones, sitting in a chair or car, even laying down. Of course, we also train from the ready and fighting stances to account for those instances when we are better prepared.

For people who come to Krav Maga from a combat background (e.g. boxing, MMA, etc…) where one is always in a fighting stance it can be difficult to adapt to training when “not ready”.

We prefer to avoid, to be ready. In real life, however, we are not always ready.

In our next blog, we will explore how your natural reflexes serve as the starting point for many of our techniques.

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