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Parent’s naturally ask what kids learn during their Krav Maga classes. In many ways, kids’ classes resemble adult classes in that situational awareness is a priority as is prevention, avoidance, and escape. Adults classes include more explicit descriptions of assaults whereas with kids we don’t. Adults also learn how to defend against weapon assaults where kids don’t.

So, what do we focus on during kids’ classes? Here are some broad topics.

Situational Awareness: Mainly through games, we develop kid’s awareness of their surroundings. Where are the exits? Find something that is red (or another colour) and other variations of the I-spy game that encourages them to take account of their surroundings.

Avoidance and Escape: Avoidance is predicated on awareness. Through various games, we teach ways to escape (e.g. games similar to tag) and where (again awareness) to escape.

Motor Skills and Coordination. Through various exercises, kids develop their motor skills that help them protect themselves (and avoid) grabs, slaps etc…

De-escalation: Similar to adults, we encourage not to physically engage but rather to de-escalate through verbal and body language. e.g. Hands up to say, “Go away.” “Leave me alone”

Defending Against Kids of Similar Age, Size: We also have to recognize that avoidance and prevention are not always possible and physical attacks can happen. Blocking slaps, escaping holds, getting up from the ground… etc… Our emphasis remains on protecting then getting away.

Escaping from Stronger/Older: Tactics to escape and get away to safety.

Through games, exercises, and drills that develop coordination and motor skills, kids can have fun and develop the skill and awareness to be safe.


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