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When people inquire about our self-defence classes they often ask “what does a class look like?” By way of a general answer, we describe classes(e.g. 1 hour) as divided into three parts.

1. Warm up

To warm up your muscles and foster alertness you will spend about 10 minutes getting your mind and body ready for the class topic to come. If the class focus is kicking, for example, we will focus on the legs. The topic “Defending punches” can involve some striking and some exercises to warm up the relevant muscle groupings and hone your reflexes.  (10 minutes)

2. Technical practice.

This is where we focus on various problems (e.g. escaping holds, defending against strikes etc…) and solutions(e.g. prevention, escaping). Here, you gain a better understanding of how attacks actually occur and what you can do to avoid, escape, and survive.  (35 Minutes).

3. Stress training.

Sounds daunting but it isn’t. Well, maybe a little- but that is the point.  Essentially, we practice what you learn but add a little stress. This stress can involve some exercises to make you a little tired or having your partner surprise you.   We include this as real-life situations are stressful and we want you to be ready! (15 minutes).

Classes are interactive so we encourage questions and suggestions.  Safety is stressed and we recognize that everyone has different fitness levels and experience.

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