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ONE OF THE more gratifying developments we have witnessed over the past decade is the increasing number of women training in Krav Maga.  Various Krav Maga schools across the world have noted this and it is certainly the case in the Greater Toronto Area and at our Toronto school.

Over the years, women we have talked with have identified numerous reasons for this exciting development.

Here are some of the reasons.

“It is Practical”  Krav Maga is based on principles of human kinetics, our natural reactions to danger, and simple and easy to perform techniques.  Women, like men, appreciate its simple and effective approach to self-defense.

“Training is Safe and People are Respectful” People feel safe training at our schools. We want to train hard but also safely.   Instructors and students are respectful and friendly. It is part of “our culture”

“It is Effective Against Larger Attackers”  When women in our classes escape from a very strong wrist grab or any other hold, a door is opened.  This door leads to recognizing how she can survive an assault from a larger and/or stronger attacker.  Learning about leverage, striking vulnerable areas, and appropriate aggression is empowering and inspires confidence.

” I feel more confident and aware.”  Enhanced awareness coupled with developing the physical tools to avoid, escape, and defend are frequently cited reasons women continue to train.

“It’s Fun.”  Self-defense is a serious topic but students like to learn in an environment where people smile and laugh.

More women are becoming certified instructors.  When our students (men and women) see Megan Berkman or Magali Rorato teach and train they say: “I want to be like her!”

We are very happy that more women are practicing Krav Maga and are encouraged that this is only the beginning!


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