Posted by on May 27, 2019

Our Krav Maga training devotes a lot of time to defending on the ground. Our organization, Kravolution has been working with grapplers and Mixed Martial Artists to develop our understanding of ground fighting. Through this ongoing process, the goal is to offer our students more effective means to survive ground assaults.

Why is so much attention being devoted to this topic? First, despite our preference to avoid going to the ground sometimes this is easier said than done. These days, jujitsu and MMA has become increasingly popular, particularly since the Gracie family introduced Brazilian jujitsu(BJJ) to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). More people began watching and/or training in these fighting systems. Unfortunately, some of these people can be assailants.

Even before the rise of these fighting systems many assaults ended up on the ground. Two men squaring off often begins with striking then as they close one takes down the other and both end up on the ground. With assaults against women, men who are often larger, try to go to the ground to take advantage of their weight advantage.

So, while training encourages us to stay off the ground and offers various techniques to do this, sometimes we simply cannot prevent this. The attacker might catch us by surprise, be skilled, or simply overwhelm us. If we find ourselves on the ground, we need to know what to do. Hence, training.

In future blogs, we will explore various aspects of ground fighting.


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