Posted by on January 11, 2019

As self-defense practitioners we all have our favourite striking combinations.  These are the ones we have frequently practiced and feel most confident performing.  Some people feel very comfortable punching but are less adept at kicking.  Others might want to rely almost exclusively on kicks.  These favoured combinations can be effective but if we don’t step outside of our “comfort zone” we limit our options, our ability to adapt, and we become predictable.  

Striking combinations allow you to cover various distances, directions, angle and heights.  This is necessary as assaults can happen from anywhere.  Assaults also occur in a variety of physical spaces so you must be able to adapt.  Kicking in an open parking lot is more effective, for instance, than on a crammed elevator. 

We must also recognize that self-defense situations are dynamic rather than static.  Assailants are moving.   Accordingly, you must adapt “on the fly”.  This requires you to use a variety of strikes –  elbows, knees, hammer strike etc… – depending on what is most effective.  This requires rapid decision-making and the trained ability to vary and adapt your strikes. 

Developing varied striking combinations is essential to becoming a better self-defense practitioner and improves your capacity to protect yourself.  In future blogs, we will explore some ways to develop your striking combinations.  


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