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Corporate self-defence training focuses on the safety of your workplace members. Krav Maga also offers valuable lessons in adaptability and stress management. Programs can run for one hour, three hours, or full days. Multi-session packages (e.g. 5-week programs) are also available. We adapt programs to meet the priorities of your organization. Organizations we have trained with include Enbridge, Bic. Inc., CFA, Square Inc., Providence Healthcare, Lumacare, CNIB, and others.


Basic Safety and Self-defence Workshop: A fun and interactive way to introduce the basic concepts of self-defence and empower participants with the effective and easy techniques of Krav Maga.

TKMA / Corporate Sessions

Get team self-defence training  and team-building at the same time.

I organized two Krav Maga sessions as a Wellness initiative. The sessions were practical, useful, and thoroughly enjoyable! Chris was a friendly and knowledgeable instructor who is an absolute pleasure to work with. Employees were extremely satisfied with what they had learned and look forward to bringing back the program in the near future. 

Rachel Malin Marketing Analyst, Bic Inc. Canada

Are you looking for individual training or maybe to try Krav Maga before your team does?

Check our group and private programs for fun and interactive self-defence training at your own pace.

I recently attended a lunch hour corporate self-defense class and was beyond thrilled with the experience and what I learned in the short time. The class was very informative and hands-on but also fun and challenging! Not only did Christopher and Ray teach us basic self-defensemoves. They engaged the entire class in what situations may have happened to us and how to handle them. You can clearly tell that both Christopher and Ray have a passion for what they do. I highly recommend bringing Christopher and his Toronto Krav Maga Academy team into your workplace.

Lucia Mazzulla

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