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TKMA / Programs

Our programs give you the skills to protect yourself – to be safe. Our students include a wide range of ages, abilities, and backgrounds. We focus on where you are and strive to help you develop and improve your self-defence skills. Classes are interactive and we encourage questions and feedback. Beginners welcome!

Adult Classes

Our adult class (aged 16+) is open to various fitness levels, athleticism, and experience.
Beginners are very welcome! The focus of these classes is safety, and we devote significant time to developing situational awareness to avoid and escape danger.


Each class begins with a warmup to prepare you mentally and physically for the class ahead. After our warmup, we focus on various real-life situations and how to avoid, escape, and, when necessary, fight to protect ourselves and others (e.g. family). Topics range from preventing and escaping dangerous situations to surviving weapon assaults to defending yourself in open areas or enclosed spaces (e.g. public transit).


Toward the end of the class, we review techniques and engage in “stress drills” to hone your ability to identify and survive danger. These exercises also develop your muscle memory to improve your reaction time and technical performance. Classes are fun and interactive, and we welcome questions and feedback. It is important that you understand the techniques and the context in which you might need to use them.


We look forward to training with you!

Chris runs classes with a friendly atmosphere that invite people to learn the techniques and principles of KM at their own pace. As an instructor, he is quite approachable, and works patiently with students to improve their technique, offering critiques and encouragement. More importantly, though, he gets students to learn to think on their feet, to use the KM skill-set as a foundation for dealing with various real-world situations..

Andy Ling

Women Self-defence Workshops

Our women’s workshops focus on your safety. We emphasize situational awareness, prevention, and effective ways to survive an attacker who might be larger and stronger than you. Krav Maga is designed so that awareness and technical proficiency can offset physical advantage.

Techniques are context-driven, meaning you learn which self-defence tools to use in various circumstances. Will an assertive stance or verbal warning suffice? Or, for instance, in the case of an abduction attempt, how do you use focused aggression and techniques to get home safely?

The topics range from recognizing danger signals, escaping various holds, using everyday objects to protect yourself, defending yourself on the ground, and surviving weapon assaults. Our instructors welcome feedback and questions, and sessions are interactive and fun. You don’t need to be fit or athletic or have self-defence training. Beginners are welcome! We believe everyone has a right to personal safety.

We look forward to training with you!

Krav Maga was an amazing experience for me! I learned self-defence against unknown attackers, with & without weapons (knives, baseball bats..) in a systematic, repeatable & enjoyable manner. Each week added to the knowledge of the week before & the class flew by. My colleagues at work were eager to know what I had learned that week & I was only happy to demonstrate. It is a fundamental, foundational discipline that every woman should seek to learn to empower & elevate her awareness. Go for it!!! 

Christine Koehler, PMP.

Kids and Youth Workshops

Our kids' (ages 8-12) and youth' (12-16) workshops focus on developing situational awareness, safety, and self-protection. Kids and teens build confidence and learn basic skills to be safe. Krav Maga is designed so that awareness can help them avoid danger, and practical techniques can facilitate self-protection and escape. Personal safety is the primary goal.


Workshops are context-driven, meaning they learn which self-defence tools to use in various circumstances. Does the situation require them to adopt an assertive stance, seek help, or flee? At these ages, situational awareness can be challenging, so we devote significant time to helping participants identify relevant aspects of their environment, including exit options, body language, and objects they can use to protect themselves.


The topics range from recognizing danger signals, escaping various holds, anti-bullying, and defending against strikes. Striking fundamentals help kids and teens understand the body mechanics needed to protect themselves effectively, particularly against larger and stronger assailants. Our instructors welcome feedback and questions, and sessions are interactive and fun.


Beginners are welcome! No previous experience is necessary. We want everyone to benefit from these sessions, so participants must be respectful and follow instructor directions.

I highly recommend TKMA and Christopher because Krav Maga is one of the most effective self-defence systems and Christopher is an amazing instructor. My children have been taking Chris’ classes for over a couple of years and they’re loving it. Classes are always interesting and fun and it is astounding how quickly kids can learn Krav Maga. Christopher is doing a brilliant job in teaching them situational awareness, how to identify, avoid & prevent confrontation, and when this fails, how to solve problems using impressive techniques that are very efficient and effective.
Thanks to Christopher and Krav Maga, my kids are more confident and I am comfortable knowing they are learning extremely valuable skills that will benefit them for life. 

T.I., PMP, Bell Canada.

Private and Semi-private Sessions

Private (1 on 1) and Semi-Private (2 or more) offer you focused attention from a certified instructor. Instructors can design programs to focus on our curriculum levels, particular techniques to work on (e.g., improve your striking and footwork), or topics (e.g., escaping hold and knife defences). Lessons can function as “stand-alone” or supplement group class training.

Semiprivate training can include small groups (e.g. friends, family, work colleagues) who want to learn together.


These days, people often host these sessions in their homes. You don’t need much room; instructors will bring the required equipment.

I have trained in Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Thai Kick-Boxing. I have found Krav Maga to be more dynamic and diverse than these other martial arts. The concepts behind Krav Maga are practical and easy to understand. The lessons can be as physically intense as the student wishes. I find Chris to be an excellent instructor. He has a great ability to explain/demonstrate the most complex moves in a manner which I find easy to understand. He is personable, professional and punctual. I thoroughly enjoy training with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting into shape by learning an invaluable self-defence martial art.

Russell Masters, Vice-President at Tower Hill Development Corporation

A friend and I had hired Chris for private Krav Maga instruction. We had limited time, having discussed our needs with Chris, he set up a condensed lesson plan that covered our interests and introduced us to additional skills. Chris works in a structured way, with each lesson building on skills learned earlier, giving you lots of practice to commit the movement and concepts to memory. It was a real pleasure receiving instruction from Chris and I’m looking forward to our future sessions.

Peter Fritz, Photographer at Peter Fritz Photographer

TKMA Programs – Specialized Workshops

Our monthly Specialized Workshops focus on particular self-defence topics people want to explore. These “deep dives” allow participants to understand the inherent and potential challenges of specific self-defence scenarios and the best actions to protect your safety. Some topics include:

  • Women’s Self-defense

  • Escaping Hold and Grabs

  • Public Transit Safety

  • Abduction Prevention

  • Introduction to Surviving Weapon Assaults

  • Using Everyday Objects for Self-Defense

  • Surviving Knife Assaults

  • Surviving Attacks with Blunt Objects

  • Introduction to Surviving Gun Threats

  • Effective Striking


and much more…

No experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome! The sessions are interactive, so
questions are welcome.  

Are you looking for a corporate experience for your team members?

Check out our corporate training for fun, interactive team building and team training at the same time.

Professionals Workshops

A Krav Maga class tailored for law enforcement officers and special units is an intensive and practical training program designed to equip professionals with efficient self-defense and tactical skills. The curriculum focuses on real-world scenarios, emphasizing quick, decisive actions to neutralize threats. Instructors, with a background in law enforcement or military, provide specialized guidance,

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